Whether you're a beginner trying to string a few pots together , or an accomplished player regularly knocking in impressive breaks, but feel you haven't reached your full potential, coaching can make all the difference.
ALI started playing snooker aged 16 years old in Wood green, and from that very first night of playing he wanted to be a professional player like his idols on television With the help and guidance of his coach, ALI would practise every day at the Tottenham Snooker Centre where he would practise and play with many of the other youngsters who subsequently went on to become some of todays best players, for example tony drago, Peter Ebdon, Mark King, and together with many other great players. Ali would spend most of his time in solo practice routines that he and his coach devised, some of which are now widely used by other players and coaches. At weekends Ali would travel around the country to play in pro-am competitions,  Just before the end of his 4 year playing snooker, Ali made his first centry break in practice of 102 in 1983. In 1994 he turned professional and he made his 137 highest break while playing his friends at tottenham Snooker center this feat being witnessed by a very proud club manager together with the other players at the club.My recent achivements is semi finaliest in the europeon team championship (2004 latvia) also winner of north london leage 2006 prestaton potains last 16. I have had over 20 years playing experience and have been coaching for the past 12 years, and also possess a professional playing background. Coaching methods are therefore based on the experience and technical expertise at the highest levels.
I am based in bush hill club in bush hill park . This is private snooker club which is ideal for snooker coaching, it has 3 championship tables ,which are kept to highest standard.